What is Meta Resident?

Meta Resident is a DAO protocol based on Binance Smart Chain, a new organizational form of operating system. The contract is open sourced on GitHub and audited by CertiK.

“Meta” Resident Dao aims to rebuild community trust and security. Based on the strong consensus of 10,000 times gene, it spontaneously generates a collaborative organization of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance and sharing. It focuses on the cause of the Metaverse, and allows some of the first to enter the future to become Meta Resident.

Meta Resident has the most complete DeFi 2.0 functions and economic model on the current DAO circuit:

5 major functions of Meta Resident DAO protocol: 1. LP pool activates members 2, LP ranking system 3, member voting 4, ecological casting 5, dividend/airdrop pool;

Meta Resident governance coin MR issued a total of 10,000 pieces, of which 2,000 whitelisted IDOs were scattered, and the remaining 8,000 pieces were all entered into the PancakeSwap – MR/BNB trading pool and publicly locked, with zero reservation!

The slippage of the whole network transaction is 5%, 2% is DAO dividend, 1% is operating treasury, and 2% is deflationary destruction;

At the same time, Meta Resident DAO is based on the powerful blockchain protocol function to realize the future expansion of ecological applications such as DeFi, GameFi, NFT, and Metaverse. To become the world’s largest Metaverse DAO organization, Meta Resident must establish a tight community composed of DAO contributors. Collaborate and build together, and reward members with huge profits with two 100-fold increases. Meta Resident calls this plan: the 10,000 times plan.

The first 100 times: Users only need to buy MR tokens and inject liquidity into the trading pool to obtain LP certificates, and then pledge LPs into the protocol to become Meta Resident DAO members.

Become a member of the Meta Resident DAO, everyone has contributed to the DAO and gained substantial benefits: PancakeSwap’s AMM market-making revenue, 2% of the network-wide transaction slippage, and 1% of the DAO treasury for the ecological development of Meta Resident Escort, 2% deflation destruction.

Meta Resident DAO will grow rapidly because of this, and MR with a market value of 200,000 will quickly increase from the initial price of 20U to more than 2000U, achieving the first 100 times.

In the future, the Meta Resident ecosystem will focus on the implementation of Metaverse applications. Every Metaverse project that has landed can mint application coins. When the number of coins reached 21 million, MR minting will be started and minted at a ratio of 1:10,000. And the price is split. Take MR rising to 2000U as an example, you can use 2 MRs to mint 20,000 application coins MR01, and the price is split into 0.2U per piece.

The token price of 0.2U will soon start to rise all the way due to the circulation and the large-scale entry of the Metaverse into the lives of ordinary people. It will rise to 20U, which is a ten thousand times plan, but 20U will definitely not be the end of the Yuan residents.

Meta Resident DAO always believes that the future has come, and all DAO members who have contributed to the Meta Resident ecosystem will become the future Metaverse “Meta” Resident!

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