SUPER WAR PET Game Gold Strategy

1: App preparation (download)

1. SUPER WAR PET game download:

2. Hotcoin Global Exchange:

3. TokenPoceket wallet:

4. Link to Decentralized Exchange (SWPCswap):

5. Mavericks VPN:




9. Google Play Store:

* The first four App are essential resources for participating in the game, the last four are tool software for participating in global community interaction, and the last one is the App store, which can be searched and downloaded in the App store that comes with the mobile phone. When you cannot download it through the link, you can try searching on Google Play.

1、Asset description:

1. SW-NFT: A necessary asset to participate in the game which it means the SUPER WAR PET.

2. SWPC: The token of the SUPER WAR PET.

3. ESTO: A circulating token of the SUPER WAR PET.

4. GCT, WCT, FCT: Three output assets in the SUPER WAR PET.

5. Life Potion: The daily necessary food for the SUPER WAR PET in the game, it must be fed before going out to battle.

3. Gold strategy:

1. Buy ESTO on Hotcoin Global Exchange and withdraw it to the game account.

2.Buy SWPC in the SWPCswap decentralized exchange and withdraw coins to the game account (special reminder, the SWPCswap transaction will deflate by 12%, that is, buy 100 tokens, and 88 tokens are actually received, and each withdrawal can only be transferred out of the account 90% of the total amount, the actual receipt will also be deflated by 12%).

3. Consuming 50USDT worth of ESTO + 2.5USDT worth of SWPC in the game can open a blind box to get a pet. Each account needs at least three pets and a maximum of five pets to form a team to play. Players with sufficient funds can buy multiple pets and form multiple teams to fight in groups of 5.

4. In the game’s wallet, exchange ESTO for a certain amount of GCT\FCT\WCT three resources to reserve the settlement consumption of the user’s game output (for example, to produce 100 GCTs, it needs to consume 20 FCT + 20 WCT), If there is no reserve, it will affect the output settlement. The amount of reserve can be determined according to the number of pets purchased by the player. The more pets, the more reserves are needed.


5. Set resource output: There is a “Output resource setting” button at the bottom of the wallet-asset, click and select the asset you want to output today (GCT\FCT\WCT choose one), according to GCT\FCT\WCT Exchange price to choose to maximize output.

6. Start the game: Return to the main interface and complete 5 victories in the three scenes of exploration, training tower and mysterious adventure to get the daily output income, and complete 5 rounds in the arena and win 3 battles to get today’s income .

7. Game mission description:

① Adventure mission: 50% output

For example, the GCT value of pet A is 100; the WCT value is 80, and the FCT value is 60; the maximum income of the player in the GCT copy is 50, and the maximum output in the WCT copy is 40 (a total of five times, the successful completion of the level is obtained once 10%);

② Exploration mission: 30% output

In the same way, if player A’s pet chooses to produce GCTs in battle, then A’s pet can get 100*30%=30 GCTs by completing the exploration task today (5 times, and 6% will be obtained once when the game is successful);

③ Training tasks: 10%

If player A’s pet chooses to produce GCTs in battle, then A’s pet will get 100*10%=10 GCTs by completing the training task today (5 times, and 2% will be obtained once when the level is successful);

④ Arena quest: 10%

If player A’s pet chooses to produce GCTs in the battle, then A’s pet will get 100*10%=10 GCTs by completing the PK task today (5 wins and 3 settlement rewards, and 3 loses with five rewards).

8. After completing all tasks every day, you can click the wallet to view the income of the day (be sure to check it before 24:00, if the consumption of resources is not enough, the income settlement will fail. When entering the wallet, the player will be reminded to replenish the resources and re-settlement the output of the day. .)

4. Tips

1. The exploration task and the training tower task need to be successfully completed in more than 16 levels to be profitable, each 5 times a day, and the resources obtained are the types of resources that the player has set for the day’s output (choose one from GCT\FCT\WCT).

2. Each pet in the PK mission has only 5 chances to play, and you need to win 3 rounds to get today’s reward.

3.The adventure mission needs to be successfully completed 5 times a day to get all the rewards.

4. Each pet has 5 chances to get rewards in the four missions, victory will be rewarded, and defeat will not be rewarded.

5. Players with multiple pets can form multiple teams of 5 to complete daily tasks to maximize profits.

6. In order to ensure the most efficient completion of tasks in the battle, be sure to check the satiety of each pet to be 100% before going to battle (less than 100% will affect the combat power of this pet).

7. Players who have more than one pet of the same pet are recommended to synthesize and upgrade the pet in the temple. The income, production capacity, and combat attributes of the pet after the synthesis and upgrade will be superimposed, and the efficiency will be higher.


5. Description of pet income

1. There will be 5 attributes (wind, fire, water, light, dark), 5 levels (N\R\S\RS\RSS five), 25 races (25 battle pet images) ).

2.War pet resource production capacity: The resource production capacity of each war pet is worth 125 USDT. When the resource production capacity is exhausted, this war pet will not be able to produce resources and only retain the game combat attributes. And synthesizing new pets is the only way to restore resource production.

3.Gold rush ability: Each pet will randomly generate three basic gold rush abilities of GCT\FCT\WCT. The gold rush value in the battle pet details indicates the maximum output ability of the three kinds of resources per day for this pet, the higher the level. The stronger your pet’s gold panning ability, the stronger your ability to generate resources during the game.

4. Average rate of return: tested by professional evaluation agencies:

The input-output return ratio of N-level pets is 0.3-0.8%/day,

The input-output return ratio of R-level pets is 0.8-1%/day,

The input-output return ratio of S-level pets is 1-1.25%/day,

The input-output return ratio of RS-level pets is 1.25-1.6%/day,

The input-output return ratio of RSS-level pets is 1.6-2.5%/day.

This is the theoretical maximum value. Factors affecting output include:

A. Does the type of output resource correspond to the resource output attribute value of the team pet? For example, if I choose to output FCT today, the main output of the battle pet is FCT, so the production capacity is maximized.

B. Game proficiency, to ensure that tasks can be completed every day.

5.Team strategy.

6. Use of wallet function

1. Basic functions: The wallet can recharge/withdraw/transfer all game tokens, but cannot transfer NFT, and NFT can be traded after the opening of the trading bank.

2.Swap function: When you need to participate in the game to earn gold, you can use ESTO to exchange for GCT/FCT/WCT. After you finish the gold, you can exchange the excess GCT/FCT/WCT for ESTO and then withdraw to the exchange to realize cash (remember Keep some for gold later).

3. Added liquidity: When you have a lot of ESTO and GCT/FCT/WCT, you can also take part of it into the liquidity pool, you can get pledge income, automatically earn transaction fees, and you can get it back at any time.

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