Layer2 is investing heavily in acquiring customers. Come to OpenLoo to start playing with one click.

The recent rapid development of Ethereum’s Layer 2 solutions has brought huge opportunities to the blockchain ecosystem. In this booming environment, acquiring customers through airdrops has become a tacit activity for major layer2 projects. Airdrop activities not only bring additional token rewards to participants, but also promote the promotion of new projects and the construction of communities. , so in the eyes of investors, participating in interactive tasks to obtain airdrops is extremely eye-catching.


However, there is a real lack of Web3 tools for airdrops on the market. Goldsmithing studios are expensive and their safety is worrisome, and they also face many difficulties when doing hairdressing on their own. Whether it is the use of wallets, interaction with DApps, or the confusion of professional terms such as “Witch Attack”, “IP Isolation”, and complicated data collection, many novices feel unable to start. There are also some tutors who often stage scams of golden cicadas escaping from their shells. These troubles prevent those who want to dig gold from the door.


The OpenLoo team saw the plight of the Lu airdrop market and realized the huge potential of this market. So they started OpenLoo. As an automated deployment DApp on the chain, OpenLoo’s goal is to help novices easily make airdrops and achieve financial freedom.


Through OpenLoo, users can easily manage their short investment assets. Users simply need to create a wallet address and connect it with the DApp application. When the airdrop event starts, users only need to enter their wallet address in the DApp application to participate in the airdrop. The operation is simple and there is no need to worry about technical thresholds. In addition, the OpenLoo platform provides real-time tracking and asset management tools for airdrop tokens, giving users a clear understanding of their portfolio value and returns. OpenLoo uses multiple encryption technologies to automatically execute programs through smart contracts, ensuring the security of assets, reducing the risk of human error, and ensuring the quality and stability of applications. Only users and programs know their private keys, eliminating the hidden danger of privately transferring air investment assets in traditional airdrop gold mining studios.


The automated deployment of DApp technology on the chain is an important development in the blockchain world, and OpenLoo is an excellent practice of this technology. OpenLoo provides convenience for more novices who have no technical threshold but want to participate in airdrops, bringing more new vitality to the blockchain world. If you also want to participate in the airdrop track, come to OpenLoo to experience one-click launch!

About OpenLoo:

OpenLoo is a Web3 application that implements fully automated on-chain interaction. Products launched in the first phase include airdrop interaction for zkSync, starknet, venom and other networks.

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