KING multi-win gameplay: high level dinosaur NFT mystery box + arithmetic mining

From financiality to gameplay, GameFi has received more and more attention as the accessible scenarios continue to expand, but it also faces its own problems and needs to find a balance between playability and profitability. In terms of economic model, GameFi has created a new game economic model of Play-To-Earn. The Play-To-Earn economic model brings a high percentage of players to create revenue and a flat ecological relationship, which solves the core pain points of the Free-To-Play model. 

KING is a decentralized game created by integrating technologies and concepts such as blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, metaverse, DAO, etc. Users can not only enjoy a wonderful and rich gaming experience, but also earn income through their gaming skills. Developed by A16Z jointly with the Riot Games team and the KING team, KING will accommodate wireless game lovers to create a more immersive virtual world in this game.

The KING team has studied the economic model and life cycle of nearly 100 GameFi games on various public chains, summarized the strengths and weaknesses of the top chain games, and combined the fun of traditional games and the financial nature of on-chain games to design a complete and mature game ecosystem and economic system. It is fun, competitive and P2E. 

Players need to buy admission tickets first, and different admission tickets correspond to different income limits. After players get the admission ticket, they can use USDT to draw the mystery box, and open the box for a maximum of 10 times a day. The interesting thing about KING Chain Tour is that if you don’t win the dinosaur mystery box, the platform will refund the principal amount of the entrance ticket used to open the mystery box, and you will also get a 1% subsidy on the principal amount. In other words, players will not lose money in participating in the KING chain tour, but will only make money. the expandability of the KING chain tour itself and the redefinition of NFT for the ownership of game assets, fully give the imagination of the future practical value of NFT.

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According to the players’ own arithmetic power, they can do arithmetic mining on the KING platform and generate King platform tokens. The number of players involved in the initial stage of the platform is small, but if you upgrade to a higher level miner with higher arithmetic power, you can harvest more King tokens. In the future, as the platform gradually matures, King will be given more important missions, and users will get more rights and protection from it.

The growth of the KING community requires the joint efforts of every player, as KING has designed referral rewards and community rewards to better reward users who contribute to the community.KING is committed to providing players with a fair, just and open gaming environment, transparent data, transparent rules, and a GameFi 2.0 gaming aggregation platform without backend manipulation of burst rates and malicious guided spending.

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